Why Clark Hatch?

  • Clark Hatch Services & Facilities

    Personal Training

    Clark Hatch Thaniya prides itself on providing top quality personal trainers to ensure you start your health and fitness journey the right way to get the results you want. Many gym goers spend long hours in the gym working hard, only to find they are not achieving the results they want.

    • We want to make sure that you are not wasting those precious hours in the gym and are doing the right type of workouts to achieve those goals that may have been formerly out of your reach. Like having a car in your garage that you dont know how to drive is what its like working out every day not knowing if you are on the right track.

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    Salt Water Pool

    Our recently renovated Pool here at Clark Hatch Thaniya is a 16m Salt Water Pool. Swimming in Salt Water will make you feel refreshed and energized. Do your laps after your workout and just puddle in the cool water.

    • Relax by the Pool on our stylish sun loungers with a fruit smoothie from the Juice bar Or join our Aqua Aerobics Class in the evening. Check the schedule for times..

    Boxing & Kickboxing Classes

    Our world class instructors can walk you through the basic if you have never boxed before. If you’re looking to compete, coach Dom and Shane have both competed in the world elite level and have years of experience.

    • If your looking to get into shape, lose weight, work on flexibility, gain muscle or help with your diet.

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    Wellness Cafe

    The Clark Hatch Wellness Cafe has an extensive menu of Thai and western food to cater for all tastes. From continental breakfasts to Thai favourites and sandwiches.

    • The cafe provides blended juices and protein shakes and also sells bulk protein powder in a variation of flavours.

    Yoga by the Pool

    Clark Hatch Thaniya has excellent Yoga Instructors that run a Yoga Class every week day in the evening. Please contact us if you wish to book your own private Yoga session.

    • Small Group Training is also available at your own time. Please contact us if this is an option for you.

    Steam Bath Facility

    Relax after your workout – finish your day with a refreshing cleansing steam bath.

    • Separate bath facilities are available for men and women. All designed to help your walk away from our facilty feeling renewed and envigorated.

    Swimming Lessons

    Using the revolutionary Total Immersion Swimming method. Total Immersion (TI) is the world’s most respected swim improvement program famed for teaching a special relationship with the water.

    • Our mission is to enrich as many lives as possible by improving the way swimming is taught and practiced in Thailand.


    Our pilates facilities can help you get in shape, Get in touch with one of our trainers or contact us if pilates is of interest to you. Pilates can offer the following benefits:

    • – Strong, stable torso-abdominals, back, pelvis, hips, spine, shoulders, neck
      – Improved joint function and ease of movement
      – Flatter appearance to abdominal area
      – Restored height lost due to spinal compression
      – Improved posture and skeletal alignment
      – Improved body awareness that transfers to all other forms of movement
      – Relief from chronic joint pain
      – Improved athletic functioning through retraining of faulty movement patterns
      – Increased sense of well-being and self-esteem

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  • The Benefits

    Complimentary Exercise Clothing

    3 Hours Free Parking

    Free Reciprocal Rights at Clark Hatch Centers in Singapore, Malaysia, China + More

    2 mins Walk from BTS Sala Daeng

    Cafe on Site

    Free Wifi

    Rooftop Salt Water Pool

    Steam Bath Facilities

    Corporate Rates Available